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  • Industry Guide

    Alcohol Industry Peak Bodies and Representative Groups

    March 2014. This document is a brief guide to the peak bodies and representative groups relevant to the alcohol industry in Australia. The brief guides include summaries of the industry groups' positions on a number of alcohol policy areas.

  • Market Research Report

    WA Survey, Liquor Control Act Review Recommendations, January 2014

    Survey questions included: Support for education campaigns, support for easier community participation in the liquor licensing process, support for regulations to restrict alcohol promotional activity which is likely to impact on children or encourage irresponsible consumption of alcohol, support to enhance objectives of the WA Liquor Control Act to include minimising harm or ill health in the community related to alcohol, support for recommendation to make it a criminal offence to deliver liquor purchased online to juveniles, and support for recommendation that higher risk sales outlets should pay extra for licenses to help fund community education on alcohol.